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8th Grade - The Human Spirit - From Roberta


The goal was to assess student understanding of human spirit vs. human nature. Students were required to respond to two questions raised on ! the slides created.


The theme for the year in our Social Studies class is the human spirit. After an initial discussion in the classroom, I wanted to see what individual students were thinking. I found pictures using google images that dealt with the concept. I used other examples in the VoiceThread Digital Library to instruct students in the use of VoiceThread. After doing so. I presented the assignment. Students were required to comment on two of the five slides created. A link was created to a Weebly website so students could easily access the VoiceThread.

Easiest Part

Creating the slides.


I used a Weebly site to have students access the VoiceThread and Google images for creation of slides.


It would be important to instruct students to plan for their comments before making them.

The VoiceThread